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Aldelo Lite

Aldelo POS Lite -
Perfect for Cafes, Take-Aways & Fast Food

Aldelo POS LIte is a perfect solution for Cafe, Take-Away, Pizza, deli or Fast Food businesses. Aldelo Lite is an easy-to-use, feature rich and powerful point of sale software. Specifically designed for hospitality, it gives you quick and easy ways for taking orders, settling customers and tracking customer order history

If you offer delivery, Aldelo Lite has you covered with easy delivery management. You can track your delivery times, bring your customer history and details by simply entering their phone number. You have to enter your customer details only once and next time you don't have to waste time taking down their addresses. Surpriseyour customers by recalling their previous orders and replicate them if required.

Cash Register Replacement with Enhanced Features

Aldelo POS Lite is a great cash register replacement for all kinds of fast food operations.

Being an Advanced point of sale software developed specifically for the hospitality industry, Aldelo Lite provides simplicity of a cash register without compromising on the functionality expected from a state-of-the-art pos solution.

If you run a quick service operation, you must not look beyond Aldelo POS Lite. Designed specifically for your business, it will help you increase your productive and achieve better control.

Your Store on Your Fingertips

Aldelo POS Lite help cafe, Take-aways and fast food operators better control over their business operations.

Imagine how easy it would be to prepare for your daily operations if you have historical data at your fingertips and understand your customer behaviour.

Features such as easy to use point of sale, delivery tracking, customer management and extensive reports are all standard to Aldelo Lite.

Designed For Quick Service & Great Value

Aldelo Lite is specifically designed for quick service businesses like Café , Take-Aways, Pizza Shops & Fast Food Operations. Easily one of the most reasonably priced software in the market currently, offering great value to the smallest of the operations.

Aldelo Lite POS is a cut-down version of Aldelo Pro for restaurants, thus offers advanced store operation capabilities at the minimum of costs and thus is a perfect replacement for those old cash registers that have lived their use by date.

aldelo lite is perfect for

  • Fish & Chips
  • Pubs
  • Coffee Shops
  • Fast Food
  • Take-Away Shops
  • Pizza Joints
  • Kebab Shops
  • Salad & Sandwich
  • Chicken Shop
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