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Aldelo Pro

Point of SaleRestaurants & Take-Aways

Life in the hospitality industry is extremely fast paced, and with every new day comes new emergencies: training employees, handling rush hour crowds, compiling reports and keeping track of your costs. And though you may not be able to predict everything that will go wrong on any given day, with our hospitality point of sale product, you can be prepared to face it head on.

Aldelo for Restaurants Point of Sale System

Aldelo for Restaurants is your complete point of sale and store management software solution. It is 100% Windows, 100% Touch operated. A definite plus with Aldelo software is that it includes all of the necessary features and capabilities such as Inventory Tracking, Frequent Diner Program, In House Accounts, Delivery Tracking System, Bar Tabs, and much more for the same low price.

In an industry that is characterised by high staff turnover and part-time staff members, it is important that any POS solution is easy-to-learn and use. Most of the waiting staff can be trained in using Aldelo for restaurants POS software in less than fifteen minutes and yet it’s guaranteed to include features any small, medium or large establishment may desire.

The Graphic User Interface is full of unique icons that make each operation self-explanatory. Whether you are entering special requests or applying a standard Take-Away discount, or when you are splitting a cheque or sending special instructions to the kitchen, it only takes touch of a button.

Cut Costs

Our software solution allows you to save time and money daily by preventing order mistakes, employee errors, missing inventory, inaccurate time cards, and even employee theft. With our point of sale solution, you can prevent your losses before they happen.

Increase Profitability

You will be able to quickly and easily retrieve the information needed to stay competitive. You can also track what dishes are more popular and profitable for you. Also with the ability to track your inventory you will be able to optimise your purchasing and preparation.


Our POS solution provides you with the help you need to streamline order processing and get your customers served faster and more efficiently than ever before. Customer satisfaction increases bringing you more repeat business and growing profits.

Improve Customer Service

Our software provides you with the ability to track your customers. This enables frequent diner tracking and discounts for your regular customers. Thus you can use latest technology to provide great old-fashioned customer service.

Aldelo for Restaurants Point of Sale System

  • Touch Screen Order Entry
  • Barcode Order Entry
  • Visual table Layout & Selection
  • Table Management Capability
  • Hostess & Reservation
  • Customer Information & Sales Tracking
  • Customisable Menu Price by Order Types
  • Automatic Menu price Change Capability
  • Automatic Remote Bar Printing
  • Automatic Remote Kitchen Printers
  • Up to 6 Remote Kitchen Printers
  • 24 Hours Operations
  • Online Registration & Activation
  • Drive Thru & Delivery timing Tracking
  • Delivery Driver Route Mapping
  • Special Pizza Building Screen
  • Interactive Modifier Screen
  • Frequent Diner Program
  • In House Charge Account Service
  • Gift Certificate Management
  • Customer Credit Management
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Easy & Secure Cash Register Accountability
  • Internal Messaging & Communication
  • Remote Support
  • Automatic Backup
  • Database Maintenance Tools
  • Easy Split Checks


And Much More…..

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aldelo pro is perfect for

  • Fine Dining
  • Thai
  • Pubs & Bistro
  • Chinese
  • Indian
  • Italian
  • Café
  • Barrista
  • Pizza Shops
  • Lebanese
  • Turkish
  • Steak Houses
  • Chicken Shop
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