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Any cafe business is unpredictable and brings new challenges with it every day. Be it staff shortage or inventory run-out, you are faced with new uncertainties on regular basis. Aldelo Pro can help you face these challenges with a lot more confidence. You can be assured that your point of sale solution will help you face these uncertainties head-on.

Aldelo Pro is the perfect café POS and a cash register replacement. In addition to providing all the features that an advanced cash register may provide, Our Café POS solution provides a tighter control of your business and helps you achieve maximum efficiency.

If you are like other café operators for whom time is a valuable (and sometimes sparse) commodity, Aldelo Pro is the perfect point of sale for your business.

Aldelo Pro

Those small and big chores that take a lot of your time can now be optimised and completed within minutes (and sometimes seconds) with the help for Aldelo Pro.

Some of the features & benefits of Aldelo are:

Live Menu Updates

With Aldelo you can manage and update your Menu on the fly. Changes made to the menu in the back-end are reflected on the front end straight-away.

Pricing Schedule

You can now set up pricing schedule of each menu item. The system then does the rest. You can now easily run happy hour pricing without having to worry about constantly making changes to your POS.

Order Management

Aldelo automates your order management, thus minimising order mistakes. No more calculating customer bill using a calculator and making expensive mistakes. Aldelo takes care of all your order processing, thus streamlining your ordering process.

Kitchen Management

With the help of a Kitchen Printer, all orders are printed in the kitchen with modifiers for each item. This ensures that your waiting staff can focus more on customers and less on running to the kitchen to process every order.

Employee Management

You can manage your employee schedule and employee timesheets using Aldelo. Keep track of employee clock-in and clock-out. Maintain employee schedule so that you can monitor the hours your employees are entering.

Easy to Use

Our POS solution is very easy to use and requires no prior computer or Point of sale experience. You can train your employees within 15 minutes to use the front-office of the software.

Customer Loyalty

You can provide frequent diner credit and discounts to your customers. Track your customers and view their purchase history. Take note of their likes and dislikes and surprise them with personal service.

And a Lot More…..

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"…..thankyou for all your help with my new POS systems. You made it so very simple from the moment I rang you, you were able to recommend the system best suited to my needs. You were always willing to answer my constant calls requesting help in the first week while I familiarised myself with the system. I remember You telling me that this is probably one of the easiest systems to use, and I can now say that thanks to your help I do find it very easy to use."

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